Implant Microsurgery.
Basic intensive course.

Take your start in implant-microsurgery and surgery with a magnification.

3 Days Hands-on Course for good start in implantology.

Implant Microsurgery.
Basic intensive course.

Take your start in implant-microsurgery and surgery with a magnification.

3 Days Hands-on Course for good start in implantology.

Case Selection
Operational access
Wound closure and suturing technique
Implant selection and drilling protocol
Implant placement
Healing abutments and soft tissue profile
Temporary crown for immediate loading
Work on the upper and lower jaws
70% hands-on
20% lecture
10% demonstration
April 12-14, 2024
October 18-20, 2024
This course focuses on gaining skills for dental implant placement using various protocols, with a special emphasis on the use of magnification.

The training is conducted on dental simulators that replicate real-life clinical conditions to the greatest extent possible.
What will you learn
Case selection for a successful start in implantation.
Micro-surgical technique for surgical access and suturing with a microscope.
Two stage and single stage implant placement protocols.
Trans-gingival access with transplantation of connective tissue graft. Healing abutment placement with gingiva contour creation.
Installation of the implant in the socket of the extracted tooth and immediate loading according to the digital protocol with adaptation and temporary crownplacement.
Navigation in surgical and prosthetic kits.
Working on a dental patient simulator in ergonomics as close as possible to clinical.
Our lecturer
  • Vladylen Tomashpolskyi
    Specialization: Oral surgery, Prosthodontics.

    Experience since 1994.

    Dental practice in Israel and Ukraine.


    International Center for Implantology and Oral Surgery of Prof. Fouad Khoury. Steigmann ImplantInstitute.

    Traineeship for microsurgical techno at the Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of Dr. Aleksey Dikarev.

    Creator of the educational website

    Speaker of Up&Do Dentist Advanced Training Academy.

    Author of surgical techniques: «Transgingival Sinus Floor Elevation» and

    «Bone and soft tissue augmentation by Woven Bone».

    Mentor of the «Alpha-Bio Tec» and «BioHorizons» implant systems.

    Medical consultant of the manufacturer of operating microscopes «Scanner».

Who is this course suitable for?
You will be able to place implants with confidence and choose the right clinical cases for predictable results.
If you already have experience in implant placement and are planning to start working with a microscope, but are in doubt, then this course will help you make a choice and “pump” your manual skills in micro-surgical techniques.
If you are a beginner:
If you are experienced:
1st in the world
100% practical
93+ countries
The only existing basic course on implant microsurgery on dental simulators, in ergonomics with an operating microscope.
This practical training course is designed to provide ample opportunities for hands-on learning and skill development.
Dentists from all over the world study with us.
Unique advantages of our course
3 days
It will take you only three days to learn the basic protocols for implant placement, to be confident in surgical and prosthetic instruments, and to select clinical cases for a successful result.
Course Program
Day 1
9:00 - 18:00
The minimally invasive concept in oral surgery. Principles and attributes of microsurgery in dentistry.

The components of the microscope and the physical properties of the optical system.

  • Ergonomics of the workplace.
  • Individual adjustment of the optical system.
  • Anesthesia technique in direct and indirect vision on the upper and lower jaws.

Review of instruments and materials for microsurgery.
Practicing the technique of incisions and suturing with magnification on elastic bands and a biological phantom.

Case Selection. How to select a patient for successful implantation.

Practicing the technique of incisions and suturing in different parts of the upper and lower jaws on the simulator.
Day 2
9:00 - 18:00
Suturing 7/0 8/0 on simulators.

Implant placement protocols. Two-stage protocol.
Analysis of the implant site drilling protocol depending on the type and size of the implant. Overview of surgical kit instruments.

Drilling protocol for placing implants of different sizes, types and in different areas of the maxilla and mandible. Practicing the technique of installing a healing abutment and creating gingival papillae.

Single-stage implant placement protocol.

Single-stage protocol. Creation of trans-gingival access. Measuring the depth of the mucotomy canal. Drilling protocol and implant placement. Connective tissue graft transplantation. Installation of a healing abutment.
Day 3
9:00 - 18:00
Suturing 7/0 8/0 on simulators.

Simultaneous implant placement with tooth extraction and immediate loading.

Analysis of the drilling protocol in the socket of the extracted anterior tooth for implantation. Analysis of the requirements, elements, and protocol for creating a temporary crown on an implant by analog and digital methods.

Creation of a place and installation of a dental implant in the socket of the removed central incisor. Creation of a temporary crown by analog and digital methods.
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Course cost
The cost of the course includes:
• educational process (theory and practice at a fully
equipped workplace with an operating
microscope - work in pairs)
• meals (lunches, coffee breaks)
• photo and video support

The price does not include:
• air travel
• transfer from / to the airport
• accommodation
€2000 +21% VAT
*for European Union countries delegates only
BELOGRAD Academy, Prague, Czech Republic.

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  • Prague Airport (PRG)