Functional diagnostics and treatment planning.
Analogue & Digital

2 days immersion into function and occlusion.
Theory and live patient demo.
Occlusion and function.
Diagnostic methods.
Bite registration.
Centric Relation.
Articulator & Facebow.
Cephalometric analysis.
Dynamic occlusion records.
Treatment plan.

50% Lecture/Theory
50% Live patient demonstration

October 25-26, 2024
This course is devoted to the basic knowledge of functional diagnostics in interdisciplinary dentistry based on the VieSID occlusion concept. Participants will learn different types of diagnostics, sequence of procedures, analysis, and interpretation of the received data, making a diagnosis and treatment plan.

The course is full of case demonstrations and discussions, including cases related to joint disorders, full mouth rehabilitation cases changing VDO by a prosthetic workflow as well as interdisciplinary (orthodontics, surgery, prosthetics).

After participating in this program, each participant will be able to confidently classify their own clinical cases by degree of complexity.
❗️There is a live patient demo of complete functional analysis including all clinical steps.
What will you learn:
Mounting models in an articulator
Instrumental analysis
How to work with VDO safely
Correct bite registration, cephalometry, condylography (dynamic occlusion records)
The optimal algorithm of diagnostic (from the first appointment till the treatment plan)
Digital methods of functional analysis
Treatment plan
Our lecturers
  • Dr. Andrii Klovanets
    Founder of Dental Clinic KLOVADENT
    Since 2006 studied at the Department of Postgraduate Education «VieSID».

    Since December 2014 – Head Doctor and founder of Klovadent Dental Diagnostic Center.

    2007-2009: took a fundamental primary Basic course of Advanced education at Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry (VieSID), by Prof. Rudolf Slavicek.
    2010-2013: received a Master of Science degree, by taking part in a therapeutic training course Applied Rehabilitation: Function & Esthetics; Completed with honors a Therapy course organized by VieSID.
    2014 -2016: attended a course Master of Science in Prosthetics at Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry (VieSID).
    2017-2018: attended an exclusive course Controlled mandibular positioning by Dr. Alain Landry.

    2017-2018 New Therapy course Continuum Vienna
    2017 – Faculty member of VieSID
    2018-2019 Dental Technician course
    2018-2019 Clinical course of prof. Sadao Sato Kyiv
    2019 – Teacher of Viesid
    2019 – master thesis defense for obtaining the academic degree of Master of Science in Dental Science (MSc) at the Medical University of Vienna, Austria.

    2019 – founder and lecturer of the training center "CMS Education Center Ukraine". Read more than 40 courses on the topic "Protocols of diagnosis and conducting an interdisciplinary appointment in dentistry."
    VieSID (Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry)
  • Dr. Maxim Belograd
    Founder of BeloGrad Academy
    Being a dentist from Kyiv, Ukraine, he is one of the most well-known international lecturers and trainers.

    Graduated in 2004 from Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy. Founder of Belograd Academy Kyiv and Belograd Academy Prague, dental clinic, co-founder of BG Dental Lab.

    He visited more than 40 countries with practical courses and lectures as a speaker. Doctors from more than 90 countries took part in the BeloGrad Academy project.

    Maxim Belograd is the first lecturer from the CIS who provided courses on 5 continents and successfully presented his educational programs.

    Dr. Belograd is an expert in the field of advanced microscope, esthetics, restorative dentistry, and endodontics.
This course
doctors of various specialties (prosthodontists, surgeons, orthodontists, dental technicians, interns) who want to deepen knowledge in occlusion and expand horizons in occlusal medicine.
is suitable for:
doctors who think that 2 days course can teach you occlusal medicine completely and you can start doing full mouth rehabilitation in difficult cases straight away. It is not possible, unfortunately :)
Function and occlusion require a long learning curve and this course will help you to start the journey properly, understand your entire level, and guide you for further progressing in this complex topic.

is NOT suitable for:
Course description
Day 1
09:00 - 18:00


1. Navigation form of an interdisciplinary approach

2. Patient examination (diagnostics at a different level)
3. “Small” functional analysis:

  • The questionnaire, diagnostic models, mounting in articulation
  • Occlusiogram, bruxcheckers
  • Articulator.
  • Facebow
4. “Big” functional analysis:

  • Cephalometric analysis
  • Condylagraphy  (hinge axis, cinematic facebow)
  • Functional geometry
  • Main parameters for occlusion design
5. Treatment goals
6. Treatment plan
7. Diagnosis formation
Day 2
9:00 - 18:00
1. Interview
2. Muscle palpation
3. Occlusiogram
4. Reference (CR) position determination
5. Cephalometric analysis
6. Condylography
7. Data
8. Analysis and interpretation
9. Therapeutic position (controlled mandible reposition)
10. Treatment plan composition
Occlusion gallery
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Course cost
The cost of the course includes:
• educational process
• meals (lunches, coffee breaks)
• photo and video support

The price does not include:
• air travel
• transfer from / to the airport
• accommodation
€2000 +21% VAT
*for European Union countries delegates only
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